Who we are

Rudolph Blazer started his career as a luthier in 1971 as an apprentice with one of the well-established guitar manufacturers of Germany. After gaining experience through years of repair work he opened his own shop in Stuttgart. In 1980 he moved to the town of Tuebingen, concentrating on the serial production of traditional steel string guitars.


Some years before joining Rudolph Blazer, Wilhelm Henkes started building fretted instruments and later acquired the traditional master certification as luthier. Together they built more than 400 guitars and mandolins in their first Tuebingen workshop.

Through building their own guitars in the style of traditional American steel string guitars and through specializing in the restoration and repair of American pre-war instruments, they realized how similar these guitars were to the traditional German guitars in construction and materials.

Their new Tuebingen workshop opened in 1996. As aficionados of old American guitars, they have been creating many replicas of these wonderful instruments, authentic not only in their looks, but also in design and construction.

In addition to that, Blazer & Henkes are also specialists for the creation of modern guitar design, delicate pearl inlays as well as for restoration and repair work of vintage guitars.

Also, you will usually find an exquisite selection of vintage instruments in their shop.