Blazer & Henkes Models

Blazer & Henkes Déjà Vu Custom Series guitars are modelled after the best and most famous steel string guitars of the ‘30s and ‘40s. These models are authentic recreations in design and construction or modern interpretations crafted exclusively by hand by using traditional methods and materials of the highest quality.

The models listed below are available in various styles. In addition to standard features we offer a multitude of options for materials, trimming or sunburst finishes. In our custom shop you can find a selection of special editions as well as custom-made guitars.

Classic 14-fret Dreadnought, available with construction features of either 1936 or 1940 dreadnought guitars

Original 12-fret Dreadnought of the early ‘30s

San Antonio
14-fret OM of the early ‘30s

Traditional 12-fret 000 of the late 1920s

Milwaukee Euphonon Jumbo
Larson Brothers, 1930s

Milwaukee Dreadnought
Larson Brothers, 1930s

Milwaukee Auditorium
Larson Brothers, late 1920s

Milwaukee OM
Larson Brothers, 1930s

Super Jumbo of 1938. Also available with construction features of the 1940s and 1950s

Baton Rouge
Round shoulder Jumbo as built in the mid 1930s to early 1940s

Santa Fé
14-fret L model, early to mid 1930s

Chicago 12-string of 1930s, large body with ladder bracing and tailpiece

Archtop cutaway guitar with carved top and back

Chicago style two-point flat-back mandolin